WASHINGTON, January 22, 2020 - My name is Lucy Meyer and I am the Official Spokesperson for the Special Olympics-UNICEF USA Partnership and a Special Olympics athlete. After graduating high school last year, I decided to take a gap year to help children with disabilities around the world.
Plasman hrvatske rukometne reprezentacije u polufinale Eura, i to dva kola prije kraja drugog kruga po skupinama, popratili su i mediji u regiji, piše www.tportal.hr 
LAUSANNE, January 15, 2020 - Following an intriguing process that began with accepting submissions on April 16, 2019, the second edition of the AIPS Sport Media Awards has been immense in quality, impact and universality, and today, AIPS is proud and honored to announce the Top 3 finalists in each of the Awards’ main categories.